Sheriff Jonathan Sammons is the elected sheriff in Gloucester County. He was elected in a close election in 2021 and now faces the voters again in 2024.

Jonathan Sammons is the first black sheriff to be elected in Gloucester County. As he prepared to take office in 2021, the majority of Democrats in charge of the County Government moved the sheriff out of the county administrative offices leading many to call out the move as racist.

The good news for the county is Gloucester County is safer than much of New Jersey with the 8th lowest crime rate among all 21 NJ counties. A lot of that has to do with a strong sheriff's department.

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Sheriff Sammons joined me on the show to discuss the plans for another term. I did ask him to address the accidental shooting at a local range that reportedly injured a few officers right before Easter and to size up his competition for this year's election.

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