As a part of our travels around the state spreading the message of "common sense" policies necessary to change New Jersey for the better, we meet some interesting and helpful people.

Stephen Thomas is one of those local heroes sacrificing his team and treasure on behalf of the local community.

Bill Spadea and Stephen Thomas at Cohanzick Zoo
Bill Spadea and Stephen Thomas at Cohanzick Zoo

He alerted us to the plight of the zoo, owned by the town of Bridgeton, but lacks dedicated grants like other zoos across New Jersey. The zoo is a community gathering point and a perfect way to entertain the kids on a cloudy day.

So, we will help them with the opportunity for the zoo to expand to adjacent and unused property.

Jodi and I truly enjoyed the Sunday morning drive through Salem and Cumberland counties. New Jersey has some outstanding farmland and wildlife. We spent some quality time touring and meeting the 50-plus volunteers who showed up to help get the Cohanzick Zoo in Bridgeton ready for the season.

The zoo is the oldest in New Jersey. The team, the community, and the big cats need your help.

Tiger at Cohanzick Zoo
Tiger at Cohanzick Zoo

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