You're headed to the hospital to visit a relative undergoing a minor procedure happy that you missed the Monday morning commute. Then after parking and walking to the elevator, you see a distraught man standing on the edge of the top floor threatening to jump.

Thankfully, this story, as it unfolded in Toms River this past Monday morning beginning around quarter to 9 has a positive ending. The hospital reported a "Missing suicidal male" and police responded immediately.

The distraught man was found on the top floor of the garage threatening to end his life. According to Tom's River Lt. Gene Bachonski, Toms River Police negotiators spent three hours talking with the man to get him to remove himself from the precipice of an irreversible decision.

Three hours of patience, professionalism, and understanding. Three hours of tedious yet life-saving efforts to give someone a second chance. There is a reason that I have said repeatedly over the past 9 years on the air, police officers are the foundation of our communities.

We should never elect any politicians who don't understand the value of our cops. We should never tolerate fast-talking, sleazy politicos who casually disparage our heroes in Blue to further their own agenda.

Today's BLUE FRIDAY is dedicated to all of the Tom's River Police Department staff and the citizens who stood out in the rain earlier this week to welcome back Police Chief Mitch Little who was suspended by the duplicitous former democrat now occupying the Mayor's office. The details of the suspension were not disclosed with the Mayor only citing 'administrative issues'.

I stand with the police and residents of Tom's River who understand that communities are kept safe because of the sacrifice of police officers and sometimes that has to come in spite of the lack of leadership and incompetence of the elected officials (read more here). #bluefriday

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