For many years since we started #BlueFriday and focused on highlighting the courage and dedication of New Jersey police officers, I've repeated that there is no such thing as "routine". No routing traffic stops and certainly no routine domestic violence calls.


Two Hamilton, NJ police officers responded to a domestic call two weeks ago. The encounter was anything but routine.

Finding a woman outside the home, the officers entered the house with the expectation of de-escalating the situation. They encountered a man who was agitated and armed and began firing a rifle at the officers as they entered.

One officer was hit three times and was still able to return fire. The officers ended the threat and the perpetrator was killed.

Officers Derek Fiabane and Paul Piromalli joined me on air to discuss the ordeal.


Average property taxes in New Jersey

These are the county and municipal average property taxes for 2023. The data comes from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs.

Gallery Credit: New Jersey 101.5

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