Go back to your Middle School experience. You're focused on getting to the next class, grabbing a quick lunch, talking to friends about after-school plans, and then a student falls to the ground unconscious.

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This is what happened at the Auten Road School in Hillsborough a few months ago. Thankfully, someone immediately called for help.

Hillsborough Police Officer Tiana Ramos was honored recently for saving a 14-year-old student's life last year after the student passed out at school and later became unresponsive.

On her way to Auten Road School, Officer Ramos was told that no EMS were available to respond. She arrived at the school in 1 minute and started CPR until the paramedics could get there. Officer Ramos saved the teen's life.

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Hillsborough Police Officer Tiana Ramos (Photo: Hillsborough PBA 205 Facebook Page
Hillsborough Police Officer Tiana Ramos (Photo: Hillsborough PBA 205 Facebook Page

We've talked about giving or receiving CPR, but when it comes to your child, has anything like this happened to your kid? Let me know on the NJ 101.5 app and maybe I'll share your story on the air!

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