As I watch the commercials for Lord & Taylor's going out of business sale with up to 80% off of everything, I'm feeling both sad and nostalgic. There's also the part of me that wants to get down there with an open wallet.

It's hard enough for many stores to compete with their big-box competition, but when you throw in a pandemic limiting the number of people that can shop at one time, you're pretty much ringing the death knell for these great places.

Lord & Taylor now joins a list of so many stores in New Jersey that have gone to the business graveyard. If you walked through that cemetery, you'd see so many places from your past that bring back so many great memories not only of the great things you were able to buy but the people that you know who worked there and trusted. Many times they became your friends. It wasn't just about the sale, it was about the relationship.

Part of growing up is going back to the old neighborhood and remembering 'what used to be over there" As the Beatles once sang, "there are places I remember."

Here's to those places:

If you're going to do a list like this, it must start with "Two Guys," originally "Two Guys from Harrison." We had one at 15th and Kennedy Blvd when I lived in Union City that had everything! At least we thought it did. You could even eat there. What other stores do you miss?

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