Artie Lange has a new temporary job and a message for former boss Howard Stern.

The Hoboken comedian was sent to the Essex County Correctional Facility in January after he tested positive for cocaine and morphine. As part of his drug rehabilitation program, Lange is working at a gas station, according to a video on the Twitter account for Radio Misfits and retweeted by Lange.

"I'm now pumping gas. I gotta pump gas for 10 more days and then I've satisfied the program, I think," Lange said while getting ready to fill up a pickup truck. The post doesn't say where the gas station is located.

"If this gets back to Howard, tell him I love him. I love him to death. I miss him. God bless him," Lange said. The man recording Lange responds "we'll pass it along."

Lange also promised that he will return to the comedy stage soon.

Stern told the New York Times Magazine that he is saddened by what happened to Lange. Stern takes the blame for losing touch with his former sidekick but doesn't want to "rock his boat."

Lang in the video appears to have the same caved-in nose that startled fans when he tweeted a picture of it in December. He blamed it on "over three decades of drug abuse."

In April, Lange posted video of himself working on a garbage truck route.

The Essex County Prosecutor's Office did not immediately return a call about Lange's rehab program.

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