I don't have grand illusions at Christmastime. I know I'm never going to be the Jersey version of Clark Griswold. I'm never going to have that amazing house like the one in Old Bridge by Tom Apruzzi. That's the one so spectacular it attracts up to 1,000 spectators a night and caused some friction between him and the town.

No, I'll never be that guy. But what happened this weekend is lame even by my low standards.

Last year I only had two net lights to cover two bushes and some inflatables. The net lights were blue and white and blinking. This year I wanted to cover all the bushes out front, and I thought it might look nice to have steady blue across the whole front with only the bush on either end dressed in blue and white blinking bulbs.

So I go to the store, and I buy net lights. The same brand I bought last year in fact. And the package said it was just what I wanted. Non-blinking, steady blue bulbs. Blue. That's a pretty straightforward description, right? Blue. So I put all these on blue light nets on all the bushes during the daytime when I could see, and I put the blue and white blinking ones flanking them. In the daylight, all you could see is that they were on. You couldn't make out much more than that.

Then night fell. And look what I was left with.

Jeff Deminski photo

That's right. What said blue should have said turquoise blue, or perhaps aquamarine. Or how about just flat out green. Because that's what these look like. Here's a closer look if you're walking up the path. See the difference?

Jeff Deminski photo

Do these look "blue" to anybody? I was so pissed. I had a decent idea and the manufacturer wasn't consistent with what their definition of blue is. Look at the lights behind this Santa, then look at the lights all the way to the right on the end. Not the same, are they?

Jeff Deminski photo

So my wife says, "We have too much going on for you to drag these back to the store and stand in a long line at customer service exchanging these. And let's not spend any more money buying two more of these turquoise ones to replace the ends. Just leave it be! It's fine!"

It's fine??? Does this look fine to anyone?

Jeff Deminski photo

We look like we can't decide if we're celebrating Christmas or Saint Paddy's Day! So I say this has to be re-done and my wife says this is more for our littler kids than anyone and they love it and not to change it. Family debate. You settle it. Do these need to change? Take our poll below.

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