On a cold Jersey day...when I wish for some "sand, surf, sun and fun," Beach Boys music instantly comes to mind!

Especially their last, big hit, "Kokomo."

Crystal clear and warm water, sunny blue skies, and an endless beach are what the song is supposed to conjure up in the listener's mind...and...

In my opinion, it DELIVERS!

That makes it the perfect "summer song" on a "Back To The Beach Weekend!"

Got your beach badge? (Craig Allen photo).

The song "Kokomo" came to be when record producer Terry Melcher (who had worked with the Beach Boys in the 60's) was hired to work his magic again, this time for the Tom Cruise-helmed movie "Cocktail."

This soon-to-be smash hit was written by Melcher (the son of actress Doris Day), aided by John Phillips of the "Mamas & The Papas!" And...Mike Love of the Beach Boys!

It is interesting to note that Brian Wilson had nothing to do with "Kokomo," as he had just released his own solo album!

Mike Love says they were asked by the director to come up with a song for the part of the movie where Tom Cruise goes from a bartender in New York to Jamaica. That was the inspiration for the 'Aruba, Jamaica' line.

Love says that Phillips came up with: 'Off the Florida keys, there's a place called Kokomo, that's where we used to go to get away from it all.' He adds that 'used to go' sounded old...so, he changed it to 'want to go to get away from it all.'

Further:  'Ooo, I want to take you down to Kokomo, we'll get there fast and we can take it slow. That's where you want to go, down to Kokomo,' comes from Terry Melcher.

Proof! (Craig Allen photo).

I always say, you should give credit, where credit is due!

"Turn...don't burn!" (Craig Allen photo).

Kokomo is a town in Indiana...not very...tropical.

It is also the name of a resort in Montego Bay.

John Phillips liked the name Kokomo...and felt that it would well represent all the tropical places and images that people think of when wishing to get away to some sort of paradise, to escape a dreary life at the office...

"Kokomo" was released in the summer of 1988...and it went nowhere! The song came out BEFORE the movie. When the Beach Boys played it in concert that summer, concert goers had...no reaction!

Once the movie "Cocktail" hit the silver screen...we couldn't get enough of the song, as it zoomed to #1! (1988).

The Beach Boy's last #1 song before "Kokomo?"

"Good Vibrations" in 1966!

Gotta load the Cocktail CD into the ON AIR studio player! (Craig Allen photo).

"Kokomo" was (of course) included on the "Cocktail" soundtrack album...which also sold well!

Can you find the OTHER hit song on this soundtrack CD? (Craig Allen photo).

The other hit on this soundtrack...will make you..."Happy!" "Don't Worry!"

The making of the "Kokomo" video is also quite interesting!

It was NOT shot in Aruba or Jamaica!

According to actor John Stamos (who plays drums in the video), it was shot in...Orlando Florida, at Disney World! He says it was shot in two takes, at the "Grand Floridian Beach resort," which had not yet been opened to the public!

The Florida footage was then mixed with scenes from the movie, to complete the video...

Not only did the Beach Boys land at #1 on the charts in 1988...but, they were inducted that year into the "Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame."

For the boys of endless summer...1988 was...a VERY good year!