Gov. Phil Murphy met behind closed doors with legislative leaders this week trying to hammer out more clarity in the marijuana legalization bill. One sticking point has been what to tax it. This is no small thing. New Jerseyans are willing to accept legalized recreational marijuana based largely on the revenue and tax relief it can bring in. All kinds of numbers have been floated. Many have said Murphy was stuck on 25%, but he said not so. "Someone said I was at 25. I've never hung my name on any tax rate. To be determined. This is still in progress."

With how things are shaping up we could be only weeks away from passage. Which brings us to a fun crossroads. If indeed New Jersey ventures into this new frontier of legal weed, all those shops are going to need names, right? Marketing is key for any business, even if that business is marijuana. I had Weed World. Pretty generic and lame. Bill came up with Weed and Feed, a combination marijuana dispensary that also sold all kinds of stoner munchies. He also had Herb Tarlek (you had to know a certain early 80's tv show to get this one) and Toker's Wild.

So we tasked New Jerseyans to come up with some creative shop names. You didn't disappoint. Here are some of the better ideas.

The Grass Shack

Let's Be Blunt

The Tokerage Firm

The Bake Shop

Ouid Ouid Messieur

Twice Brewed Half Baked (This is where they'd also sell coffee)

Pottery Farm


Joint Relief

Home De-pot

United Weed Stand

Smile High Club

The Burning Bush


Buildabong (like Build-A-Bear except you make your own paraphernalia)

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