It is now officially open and the Lasso of Truth is said to be the tallest pendulum ride in the world.

What's it like? Take a look at this preview video from

By the numbers:

75 miles per hour.

17 stories high.

172 feet in the air.

Oh yeah, and it spins you around as you go. So sometimes you'll be upside down. As much of a scare as it might be, this could be one I could possibly handle. It's roller coasters that I have a definite full-blown phobia about. That's been well documented if you listen to the show on NJ101.5 Mondays through Fridays 2 - 7pm.

I've seen videos of this bad boy (or should I say bad girl since it's a Wonder Woman ride?) being assembled and it's a marvel of engineering. The science behind thrill rides will continue to push the envelope as long as the crowds keep lining up for more, and you can bet you'll see the future innovations at Six Flags Great Adventure.

Here's one more video from our sister station WPST to give you more of a feel for the ride before you line up.

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