Thanks to Jeff Deminski's post about Project Body Hair by Billie, Deminski and Doyle were talking about women's shaving habits on air, Tuesday afternoon. This gave me the opportunity to tell the story of when I went six months without shaving on a dare with my college roommate. As a prize for not shaving my legs from October 2013 through April 2014, I got a six pack of beer. It's the easiest bet I've ever won. Seriously, more ladies should do this.

I have a picture of my legs at the end of the dare, much to the chagrin of anyone I've ever shown it to. I had no intention of putting it anywhere, but one caller, Darlene, said if I did, I would get two six packs of beer from her.

Up until now, I thought this would be the most embarrassing photo of me on this site:

Bill Doyle photo

Or this one:

Jeff Deminski photo

Perhaps, this gem:

Jeff Deminski photo / Townsquare Media

But no, this will take the cake:

Kylie Moore photo

Sorry you had to see that, but honestly if you made it this far, you get part of the blame.

Alright, Darlene, the ball is in your court! Cheers!

Kylie Moore photo

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