If there's one thing that's true about New Jersey, it's that we keep it real. Go to the south and you'll get false politeness. Go to the west coast and you'll get trend after trend. Here in the Dirty Jerz, we keep it real. We say exactly what we think and we don't care about consequences.

So for people who keep it so real, why are we so freaked out about the reality that women's bodies are hairy too?

It's down the shore time in Jersey. And almost all women are shaving or waxing legs and underarms and bikini lines. Did you ever notice all the TV ads for women's razors show women shaving already perfectly smooth legs? Did you ever stop to think how odd that is? Well a subscription razor company called Billie did. And they have put out a razor ad that for the very first time shows what women really look like. Hairy. Hairy legs. Hairy armpits. Deal with it world.

As these images are shown across the screen, the following words pop up. "Hair. Everyone has it. Even women. The world pretends it doesn't exist. But it does. We checked. So however, whenever, if ever you want to shave, we'll be there."

Watch the ad below if you dare. (Come on, it's just hair guys. Relax. This is what real women look like.) Then take our poll.

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