My friend Kevin Meara from City of Angels NJ joined me Tuesday morning to discuss his recent visit to the White House. He was attending an Opioid Crisis summit organized by the First Lady. He recapped the story of our own #JerseyGirl Kellyanne Conway who took the stage and surprised the crowd by introducing the President of the United States.

President Trump was gracious and engaged with the parents attending who have lost children to the crisis of addiction. Kevin's own story is a powerful one and losing his son has inspired him to do incredible things for other families facing a similar struggle.

Regardless of which candidate you voted for in 2016, The President, First Lady and proud New Jerseyan Kellyanne should be commended for their action, attentiveness and appreciation of the very serious national fight against drug addiction. Plus, kinda cool to grab the President's attention and ask him to take a selfie, and he does it!

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