Spadea sat down with a true Jersey girl the other day. Kellyanne Conway is the woman who broke the political glass ceiling. Conway's the first woman to manage a successful presidential campaign.

Bill had an opportunity for an exclusive interview with Kellyanne to talk about the campaign with President-Elect Donald Trump, what the transition will be like and even the speculation surrounding New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Conway said she thought Christie did a great job on the transition team, prior to VP-Elect Mike Pence taking over as chairman.

"We'll see. We'll see what tomorrow brings for Gov. Christie, but in the meantime, he's our governor of New Jersey and we appreciate that," she said.

On a more personal note, Bill asked Conway how someone who was just part of a colossal successful campaign manages to balance being a mom and a wife on top of everything.

"You balance it by having your priorities straight and that's not always easy," Conway said. "Maybe sleeping a little less than you'd like and putting those kids first. Then of course, this big job as campaign manager to President Elect Donald J. Trump and now helping him to form his government. I feel incredibly blessed to even be at this moment, in this place, at this time, Bill, so I try to absorb that and feel humbled by the opportunities I have."

You can watch the full exclusive interview between Bill and Kellyanne in the YouTube clip above.

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