When you want an honest opinion, you go to a Jersey girl. It also just so happens that there's a Jersey girl in the White House who is a Counselor to President of the United States, "Jersey Girl" Kellyanne Conway.

The Atco native called into my show on New Jersey 101.5 last night to talk about the fight against opioids in New Jersey, but I couldn't help but ask her about Thursday's upcoming vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry of President Trump.

"They didn't have this right from the beginning, and they are admitting that by voting on it (after) five weeks — today is five weeks to the day that Nancy Pelosi broke faith with her own commitment that she was not going to go for impeachment until an investigation was completed," Conway said.

"Then three hours later has changed her mind," Conway continued saying. "The worst thing a woman in power can do really is change her mind because a bunch of men around her and an angry mob around her forced her to."

What happened next, the way Conway tells is: "Ever since then, they've been working in secret, depriving the president of his due process rights." House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, Conway says, "has zero credibility. He's a known liar and leaker. He lied to the country on collusion, quote, 'hiding in plain sight.'" Conway says that if Schiff is working in secret that he should be put under oath when he acts.

All in all, Conway says, she thinks this is a very sad time for the country. She says Democrats have failed on drug pricing, infrastructure and transportation, saying, "their healthcare plan ... has left 28 million people across the country without health insurance 10 years after Obamacare passed. They also promised to keep the economy humming and they have not."

Conway says they shou;d "legislate and not investigate and work on infrastructure and not impeachment."

Conway also spoke of what she and other supporters of the president call "Trump derangement syndrome," over the order to capture of Isis leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi.

"They couldn't even say 'God bless the special operations of men and women how brave they are, God bless the USA.' It was almost as if they were bothered (that) the president got in the way of their way to impeach him," Conway said.

Conway says she's here for the people.

"The people elected Donald Trump President in 2016. You've got people trying to overturn that election and trying to interfere with the next election," she said. "I think if the Democrats want to beat Donald Trump and win in that office they ought to figure out a way to beat him at the ballot box and appeal to the people. They don't seem able to do that."

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