It's a question that came up on the show this week during a conversation about the study showing that NJ, again, leads the nation in people moving out. This is the sixth year in a row that Jersey topped the list.

Most people who are leaving are doing so for family reasons, job opportunities, or they simply can't afford the high cost of living here. Others may have different reasons for leaving, not just New Jersey, but the USA altogether.


In 2020, Bruce Springsteen said he would "be on the next plane" to Australia if Trump won re-election. Seems it's getting traction again on social media as other celebrities are saying that if Trump wins in 2024, they'll be out.

Cher said she's out in 2024 and Barbara Streisand said the same.

The question is will Springsteen follow through with his earlier comments?

You'd think that the conversation is just tongue-in-cheek and it's not a serious question. Enter Newsweek which thought enough of the story to "fact check" the quote.

They concluded that Bruce said the words, but it was only in jest. Good grief. No wonder people have lost confidence in the so-called press.

Bruce Springsteen Performs At BST Hyde Park Festival 2023
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Wonder if Newsweek bothered to "fact check" all the nonsense being reported about the efficacy of masks or the adverse effects of the COVID shots. How about the massive overstating of COVID deaths?

Funny how the story repeats every time Hollywood celebs don't like the top guy.

Remember when Alec Baldwin called me a "Right-wing horse's ass" in 2016?

Good times. It was around that time the "Boss" had me blocked on Twitter as well.

So the question to Springsteen is simple, if Trump wins are you diggin' in or gettin' out?

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