Kellyanne Conway has been a friend of mine for a long time. It is really impressive to watch her succeed at the highest levels. What an incredible story.

Coming from humble roots in Hammonton, New Jersey, becoming a hugely successful entrepreneur and a highly sought-after campaign strategist and pollster was just the beginning of Kellyanne's success story. She's also a great mom balancing her incredibly stressful and important job as Counselor to the President. The rest of her story is still being written.

Her success is especially notable considering the odds she has overcome. She, like the President, has to battle everyday with the detractors and the hostile, agenda-driven media looking for any weak spot to exploit in order to justify their own self hate, which has manifested as hatred of the 45th President. The media is so quick to point out missteps, including social media spelling errors, in order to tear down the President who has arguably become one of the most successful economic leaders in several generations.

President Trump has deregulated, lowered taxes and created an atmosphere of confidence, which is driving both the investor economy and created jobs for America's working and middle class families. Trade deals, tax cuts, and tough leadership overseas have led to record low unemployment, a dramatic reduction in illegal border crossings and the elimination of ISIS. All made possible because the American people elected Donald J. Trump to do exactly that job. But every great President has to get through a grueling campaign in order to implement the ideas that will change the nation in a positive way.

Let's face it, the best ideas in the world don't matter if you are unable to implement them. Enter Kellyanne Conway. She's the tough-minded, unapologetic, smart strategist who broke the glass ceiling of presidential politics by becoming the first woman to manage a successful campaign for a President. It's abundantly clear that President Trump knows her value as she's been a valued and trusted leader by the President's side from day one.

Here's a look at an interview I did with Kellyanne right after the 2016 election from the old "War Room" where the President watched the election results.

If you missed my on-air conversation with her Tuesday morning, take a listen and pay attention to the comments she made about the 'forgotten men and women' and the incredible impact of the Trump economy on New Jersey. We're seeing success thanks to President Trump and despite the best efforts of the "blame-America first', radical leftists in Trenton.

More to come...See you in 2020...then 2021. Thinking that New Jersey is gonna be in play for several cycles to come. Stay tuned.

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