Dear Salma,

You so eloquently joined your sisterhood in the #MeToo movement today, breathlessly reporting your alleged nightmare at the hands of the man you call your “monster,” Harvey Weinstein.

It’s puzzling that you didn’t open up about this before it was old news, but perhaps your therapists/business managers decided that now is the time; Now, while there’s a catchy hashtag you can glom onto. I get it.

You claim that Mr. Weinstein pressured you into doing a nude scene in one of his movies. I’m fairly sure that even in your home country of Mexico, where the police and government make a mockery of the rule of law, only a crazed drug lord with a knife to your neck could force you to do a nude scene. So how were you “pressured?” (Note to immigrant actresses asked to work in the nude: Here in this country, you are free to work where and how you please. Clothed or unclothed.)

But before I ask you why you would lower yourself into doing something you were so morally opposed to, LOL, why would you do SIX films with a monster? How bad of a monster could he have been for you to have put up with working with him through SIX films? Were you going to be on the breadline if you had to forego the several hundred thousand (if not millions) of dollars you would’ve given up if you refused to work with him? Probably not.

I’m pretty sure your billionaire businessman husband, Francois Henri Pinault, would’ve paid the electric bill while you looked for work with a more decent man (If there is such a thing). Of all the actresses who have similar claims against Harvey Weinstein, at least Angelina Jolie had the self respect to say, “You know what? I don’t like the guy. I’m not gonna work for him.”

But not you. You saw the opportunity and you took it. And now, after the money from your film that your “Monster” agreed to distribute — while you deftly fended off his advances-has been wisely invested or celebratorily spent, you’ve got earner’s remorse. Kinda sounds like a high priced call girl the morning after: Sometimes there aren’t enough showers in the world to make her feel clean. #YouToo.

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