Once again, I have to take the side of the accused instead of the accuser.

I am probably the only woman in the world who is about to stand in support of Harvey Weinstein. And Bill O’Reilly and Roger Ailes and any other man who has “come on” to a woman whether he was in a position of power over her or not.

Yes, I feel for men who are just acting like men, and who lose jobs or go bankrupt over it. Is Harvey Weinstein correct, or polite ? No. Did he act like a professional? Nope. Did he have the judgement of a 12 year old? Yes.

And since when did the concept of “boys will be boys” become so abhorrent? It’s true: They WILL BE BOYS. You may not like it but they are hard wired that way. And if it’s a man’s biological “job” to act this way sometimes, It’s a woman’s “job” to learn to navigate it without crying or calling her lawyer.

The woman’s movement was supposed to celebrate and reinforce the strength of women. Claims of sexual harassment only serve to paint women as helpless and hapless victims. I have absolutely no sympathy for any woman who is spoken to in a lascivious tone, asked to participate in a sexual encounter, cat called, flirted with, or otherwise propositioned by men. Ever.

Because men are men and because they are, they have a natural inclination to want to jump the bones of any attractive woman. If they express that verbally, they can be considered rude, inappropriate, or lecherous but they can also be told no, kicked in the you know what’s, or have the door slammed in their faces after a woman makes a quick exit.

Why a woman after an incident like this is left crying, shaking, tossing and turning in her sleep or otherwise psychologically scarred is beyond me. Why are women such little wusses? Stand up for yourSELVES instead of asking a lawyer or the media to do it for you!!!!!

In the case of Harvey Weinstein, WHY would you go to his hotel room? Note to female professionals: A hotel room is a BEDROOM!!! And if your excuse is “well, he’s very powerful and I thought he’s would just help me professionally and be professional” well, you were wrong!

You used poor judgement because your desire to make it in Hollywood outweighed your better judgement. So, congrats! You just learned something for the future! You weren’t raped. You weren’t beaten. Walk out of the hotel room after saying “no I don’t want to give you a massage or watch you shower, but thanks anyway for the opportunity!” and leave with your head held high!

Not only would I not feel anxious or fearful or whine to my friends after a scenario like that, I’d feel great about myself! I’d be proud of my power and resolve as a woman who stood up for what I wanted (or didn’t want) and my strength. Isn’t THAT what the woman’s movement was supposed to be about in the first place?

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