For this pre-holiday weekend, I am looking forward to hangin' with my old friends in the Ol' Blue Eyes Orchestra and the voice of Frank Sinatra, Michael Martocci, and my new friends, the Real House Husbands of New Jersey.

A few months ago we shared the stage at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in AC for a wildly entertaining show. We had a surprise halfway through as some of the Real Housewives of New Jersey showed up in the crowd!

We have another great show in store for you this weekend at the Carteret Performing Arts Center. This time, all five Jersey House Husbands will be joining me and the band on stage for a performance you do not want to miss. Comedy, music, and a real look into the lives behind the scenes when the cameras are not rolling of these extraordinary NJ characters.

This is a time to celebrate life. Enjoy friends and family. Stop listening to the fear-mongering coming from the media. The pandemic is over. We have treatments. Empty hospital beds and states all around us are back to normal. New Jersey needs to get with the program of living again. That starts with you getting out of the house to celebrate and enjoy great entertainment with hundreds of your closest friends and neighbors. Join me!

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