In my travels across the Great Garden State, I recently came across a treasure-trove of "ancient technology!"

You KNOW that I love vinyl. (Craig Allen photo).
You KNOW that I love vinyl. (Craig Allen photo).

Audiophiles are re-discovering the "warmth" of vinyl.

"Cheap" no-name cassette, by the boombox. (Craig Allen photo).
"Cheap" no-name cassette, by the boombox. (Craig Allen photo).

And even the cassette is making a (slight) comeback due to the fact that it's so "retro."

C'mon, you remember the "mixtape!" You made (or were given) more than one.

Lately, it seems that "everything old again."

My 8 Track player, circa 1979. (Craig Allen photo).
My 8 Track Player, circa 1979. (Craig Allen photo).

However...I don't think that the 8 track is going to be joining the "old is new" trend.

If for no reason other than often it was your favorite song that had to "fade down" in the middle, so the track could change. CLICK!

And, then your favorite song would fade back...up.

See what happens when you're listening to "Cold As Ice?" (Craig Allen photo).
Just imagine what happens when you're listening to "Cold As Ice" (Craig Allen photo).

"Cold As Ice" on tracks 2 and 3, makes my point.

Here at New Jersey 101.5, we love Foreigner:

"Foreigner" formed in New York City in 1976.

The name comes from the band's makeup: with half of the members from the U.S. and half from matter where they would be, someone would be considered a "foreigner."

The hits on this vintage 8 track tape?

"Feels Like The First Time" went to #4 in 1977.

"Cold As Ice" would follow up, landing at #6 on the "Hot 100" later in 1977.

Get my "Fun Facts" behind "Cold As Ice" by clicking here.

"Long, Long Way From Home" would peak at #20 in early 1978. Remember?

To me, it looks like this 8 Track Tape has been played a LOT over the years since.

At home...and in the car, travelling the Jersey highways!


One more thing...while you're enjoying "Cold As Ice" (above), don't forget to think "CLICK" half way through.

It's the 8 Track way!

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