Seems like an old-fashioned idea in today's world. Groups of kids with shovels looking to make a few bucks shoveling out neighbors and friends. That's all I was thinking about yesterday as I headed out into the snow and freezing rain to clear a path from my door to the driveway and the driveway to the street.

It started as light and easy to move. By the late afternoon, it was heavy and wet. Some parts of the yard had more than a foot of snow and toward the end of the driveway, more as the plows took a few passes on our local road.

The mountain at the end of the driveway was the heaviest and most difficult to move. I ended up opting for the technique of pushing it from my drive to the other side of the road. Got into a pretty good clip for a while. At no point in the hours of work did I see anyone walking or looking to make a few bucks.

Not to age myself, but I used to shovel my neighbor's driveway for $5 and a cup of hot chocolate. I can tell you I have the shovel and the appropriate gear. Thought I'd share my before and after pics...yes, with yoga closed for the storm, it was my workout.

Bill Spadea before and after shoveling the snow
Bill Spadea before and after shoveling the snow

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