Last weekend I finally got to see "Springsteen on Broadway" and there's a part in it where Bruce talks about his Mom's love for music and how much she loves to dance. I remember seeing him live at his last performance at the Spectrum, where he would pull his Mom on stage and twirl her to "Dancing in the Dark." When I saw that all i could think was how cool that was and how proud they both must be.

It was in the play that Bruce revealed that his mom is suffering from Alzheimers yet she still loves to dance and whenever she comes in his door they make sure that there is music on. Hearing that I thought of the time when Bruce and his mom danced at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park while the Eddie Testa Band played on stage. Eddie called in the following Monday to talk about it, but after seeing the play and with Mother's Day coming up, I asked him to come in studio and talk about it more.

"It's all about his mom," Testa said, "it's not about Bruce. It's about Bruce bringing his mom out to have a good time."

"It gives us joy too [on playing for Bruce and his mom and providing her with happiness]. We get just as much pleasure from that as she is getting. To have Bruce Springsteen bring his mom, yeah it's just as good as anyone else bringing their mom...If they need that joy and happiness in their life ya know, if we can be a part of it, hey that's great."

With each passing year we get a little older and the older we get the more important our memories of our Moms are and want to be preserved. I lost mine in 1996 but keep her in my heart. My joy will come from watching my sons with their Mom and wondering how 12 years went by this fast. I hope you have a great one with yours. Happy Mother's Day!

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