When Bruce Springsteen danced with his mom at the Wonder Bar last Sunday on her 93rd birthday, it was Eddie Testa's band who was playing the music after being requested by Bruce's brother-in-law Mike Scialfa.

Eddie called in Monday night and talked about what they played, as seen in the video here:

"Well, we started off with 'Some Kind of Wonderful.' She wanted to dance right away," Eddit told me." We started playing that and she immediately got up and started dancing. We played another song (Eight Days A Week) and they continued to dance and then the power just went right off."

Thanks to the storms that were going on outside, the Wonder Bar was left without power for about an hour.

"It was something that happened and we were just grateful that we got the two songs in," said Eddie. who also mentions that Mom knows how to dance. "She's likes to boogie, man. From the moment she walked into the Wonder Bar, she was movin' and groovin.'"

Everyone says that's where Bruce gets his energy from. So, what happened next?

Eddie described the crowd — which our own Big Joe Henry happened to be a part of.

"Nobody left, nobody was running out, everybody was waiting to see if the power was going to come back on," Eddie said.

Was Testa thinking Bruce would come on stage? "We were definitely hoping for it to happen."

Both Eddie and Bruce are from Freehold. "I've been around him since I was 8 years old. I know him distantly but he's always been very gracious to me and my family when we are around him. (He is) polite and lets us sit at the same table or invites us in," Eddit said.

Testa also credits the people at the Wonder Bar."He was with his Mom. Nobody bothered him, they were so respectful."

Happy Birthday Adele!

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