And you thought Flyers fans were the worst?

A Rangers fan is claiming she was assaulted yesterday (Saturday) at the Prudential Center after the 1 p.m. playoff game.

The Brick Township woman says she was assaulted by three Devils fans for wearing her Rangers jersey to the game.

Stephanie Gorman say she was exiting the game down the escalators when one man spit on her. Gorman say a second man pushed her before the third man came at her.

Gorman and her boyfriend, Jimmy Mullen, found security but the two say they did not get the response they wanted. Gorman says the security guards threatened to call police if she and Mullen didn't leave.

NJ Devils say NY Rangers fans should feel welcome and "safe" at Prudential Center for Saturday's Game 3.

Devils president and GM Lou Lamoriello said, “every fan should feel safe coming to games here.” “Every fan.”

Earlier this week, a campaign was launched on the Devils’ website to prevent Ranger fans — known to be a rather, ahem, boisterous group — from purchasing tickets for Devils home games on the secondary market.

While no threats were made, the message was clear: Keep out, Ranger fans.

And according to the above, you can see that was pretty much a threat that was carried out.

I don’t understand what the psychological kink is with fans of some teams, especially when they’re on their “home” turf, to have to express the need to defend it.

After all, you’re not the ones drawing your team’s paycheck. The players are.

And while you may think that the opposing team’s fans “disrespect” your house, fact is, they’re still there to have just as good a time as you.

I’d mentioned the story plenty of times of having gone to a Mets game at CitiField against the Phillies, and feeling like I was on the Market-Frankford line instead of the 7 train.

That’s how many Phillies jerseys there were.

And yes, they were loud and boorish…but so be it.

Why the hatin’? It’s only a friggin’ game!

So with that in mind, the Posse Poll:

And besides, do you feel safe going into the arena of the opposing team?

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