It’s like the Seinfeld version of Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart. The guilt. Oh, the guilt!

On The Lacey Township Chatter Facebook group, an offbeat story of redemption. Ketchup redemption. It seems someone went into the Perkins restaurant and having led an exemplary life never doing anything wrong, they were bored with being so good. Bored enough where a voice in their head said, "be bad, just this once. Be bad and...steal some ketchup."

They completed the low-risk caper and made it home with one of Perkins' squeeze bottles. The first time ever having done anything bad, did they hide inside their home? Peek out through the blinds every once in awhile, looking out for the feds?

The days went by, and the trouble began. This person either already believed in karma or soon converted. A car crash. Other trouble. A life spinning out of control over a purloined ketchup bottle.

Could this curse be undone?

The perpetrator hoped so. Regretting their misdeed, they returned to the scene of the crime with not one but two brand new bottles of ketchup and a heartfelt note. See pic to read one of the saddest apology notes in history. Well, at least in the history of ketchup for sure.

They left it outside the door of the restaurant near closing time. The manager found it and brought it inside. To the surprise of no one, the restaurant never even knew a ketchup bottle had been missing.

Maria DiLeo who posted this in the Facebook group assures the karma victim, “To the person that returned this. You are forgiven. Hope all goes better for you lesson learned.”

The Perkins plans on framing the apology note and hanging it in the restaurant. Hopefully this person's bad luck has stopped and their guilt has gone away so they can sleep at night.

But wait! What's that thumping coming from under the floorboards? Thump-thump...thump-thump...

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