Remember the recent case of the ketchup caper gone bad? We still don't know who did it, but it was an admitted goody two shoes who had led such a boring life they decided they would finally do something naughty. The naughty came in the form of swiping one bottle of ketchup off a table at a Perkins in Lacey Township.

Soon after, the ketchup thief was involved in a car accident, followed by other bad luck. They decided it was karma, and anonymously returned to the scene of the crime leaving behind not one but two new bottles of ketchup and an apology note. The manager of the restaurant took to social media to forgive the thief, whoever they were. Now the Heinz company is stepping up with a nice offer.

That's right, if the ketchup caper mastermind private messages the company they are offering forgiveness along with covering their expenses from the car accident. Wow! Is there a cap to that, like up to $1,000? What if they totaled a Maserati? Will they keep the thief's identity anonymous? They say they will. What an offer!

Heinz says it's all in the name of good ketchup karma. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the free mention.

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