Artie Lange is one of the sweetest and most humble men I know who's in the fight for his life. This man who once commanded top dollar for comedy, movie and radio is now happy to get a twenty dollar tip from a customer whom he's forced to serve by order of his drug court. The same court who picked him up again later that week.

As Artie Lange's story continues, we hope the court allows him the freedom to continue his fight against addiction, to maybe reunite with his friend Howard Stern and to get back on the stage which he so loves. But whatever he does, his fans who are as devoted to him as they would be if they were related are right there rooting for him.

Artie takes his fans very seriously. He genuinely cares about them and has gone out of his way for many. Here are some of the responses I get when asked my social media followers, "How do you feel about Artie Lange?"

Melynda B. Ulrich - "Praying he gets the help he needs."

Dotty Ludlow Graham - "Artie is a good guy always has been just has demons he battles constantly...also one of the funniest guys I know"

Michael Panichelli - "Ive been clean for 13 years. I can Identify with Artie. He is a good person who has done some bad things."

Most all of us should be able to identify with THAT.

Chele Michele - "I think he's hilarious! He's got the tortured artist thing going on though but I'm still a fan!"

Chris Hayes - "How he's still alive is beyond me. His body must convert cocaine into Potassium or something"

Rich Pawlak - "I think the courts are hounding him into suicide"

Sue Kaplan Regan - "I was at Freedom House on May 12th visiting a close friend who is in rehab for alcoholism. I met Artie a few weeks earlier and found him to be so sweet, like you’ve known him for years. On May 12- he signed a few books for me, we chatted and I had asked him how he was doing. He said he felt great and that he had a lot of support. I just don’t know why they let him have a car and gave him the freedom to be driving around where he’d have the opportunity to get drugs. He only had 5 days to go before leaving Freedom House. I hope he gets the help he so desperately needs before it’s too late..." (I was told by a worker at the gas station who called in that Artie was driven to and from work)

Daniel Luther - "Prayers for him, a man with a big heart"

Ronald Adams - "Wow I just read about it. What a shame you were just saying the other night how he was doing much better. Prayers going out!!"

Mark Petti Sr. - "You want to smack him and in the head, but, the guy is sick. I feel for people that have this illness"

Anita Wise - "I feel badly for him and worse for the people who love him"

Carlo Bellario - "Artie is one of the most good hearted guys i have ever been proud to have shared the stage with and call my friend"

Alan Levy - "I never though he was funny, I feel bad for the situation he’s in.."

Justin Johnson - "I feel he’s truly a good man at his core who just has demons that are hard to kick. Addiction is an awful thing. I’ve always been pulling for him."

Jimmy Graham - "Artie is a genuinely good guy, Artie is an addict...noone should judge him...he has a disease that is killing him...a disease that effects every family in our country...when a diabetic is found with a donut on his lap he isn't arrested...Ive known Artie for 15 years and watched his addiction grow...only his HP can help him...and would and could if willingly sought...praying for him"

Chris Swendeman - "disappointed but holding out hope that something or someone can help him shake these demons once and for all. Watching him be able to save himself would be the greatest comeback story ever."

Garth H. Raymond - "He reminds me that when I was younger I wanted to be famous. Now that I can see the effects of fame and stardom in so many celebrities eating them alive.... man, you can have it. I stay an average Joe with my occasional 15 minutes of fame and fade without a lot of fanfare into the void...."

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