Eric Harrison is both a lawyer and an avid Bruce Springsteen fan. He's also a singer/songwriter who's been giving virtual Facebook concerts on his back porch. He has been written about by our own Dennis Malloy.

So when Harrison heard that "The Boss" was charged with DWI at the Gateway recreational area at Sandy Hook, the attorney at Methfessel, and Werber law in Edison and a Princeton grad decided to pick up his guitar and harmonica and respond in a song called "A Jersey-Sized Disgrace."

Harrison came on my show three times over the past two weeks and I asked him what made him write the song. which questions the police motives citing Bruce's "41 Shots," which he says are "39 more than he had when they arrested him."

"The inspiration came from Bruce because I love him," Harrison said when he came on my show for the first time. "He's been with me since I was a kid and the love that a lot of us in Jersey have for Bruce almost escapes words."

He also made a pitch in the song to represent Bruce at his court appearance, where the worst charges were ultimately dropped.

"This was my love letter to Bruce," Harrison said the second time he came on. " greatest hope is that I end up with just a couple of tickets for the pit at the first show after Covid."

As for the outcome, Harrison, who mostly handles civil rights defense litigation, says,

"Sometimes, things are just as they appear to be," Harrison said the third time he came on, and you don't need to scratch beneath the surface to get the whole story. And clearly this prosecutor, looking at what he had to present in support of the case he had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt, decided 'yeah...this isn't going anywhere.'"

If you want to hear more of Eric Harrison, check out his Sunday night performances on Facebook Live or his Instagram account @ericharrisonmusic.

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