Payton Taylor, who is a country singer from South Jersey, earned a ticket to Hollywood on last years American Idol. But she turned it down.

Turns out she was an accidental performer. Her sister was signed up to perform, singing talent clearly runs in the family, and needed a back up guitarist. Enter Payton. She offered to play and save her sister $75, the cost of hiring a guitarist for the audition. Then the judges asked her to sing. And the sisters both earned a ticket to Hollywood. But, perhaps the best part of the story is they both turned it down.

That's right. Imagine earning an opportunity to play on the national stage and turning it down because they value their relationship as sisters more than the hope of stardom.

Here we are a year later and as fate would have it, Payton is getting a second shot! Although she can't reveal what happened until after the show airs, I'm thinkin' we haven't seen nor heard the last of this rising country star!

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