For some reason, most people think of two things when its about to snow: bread and milk. Comedian Vic Dibitetto, who lives in Manalapan, married that thought to an action and his 'Bread and Milk' video has gotten more than 10 million YouTube hits.

Vic Dibitetto
Vic Dibitetto

“I walked out of the house saw a snowflake and right away thought of the idiots that panic for bread and milk when they see first snowflake, I whipped out the I phone and just adlibbed it” says Dibitetto.

“I knew it would hit 10 mill cause it was at 9.7 for awhile, then another snowstorm came but when I actually saw the number 10 mill and then all my fans sent me congrats it was so gratifying to finally see the fruits of my labor”

Vic’s funniness goes all the way back to the classroom.  “I was the class clown, then in the 80's my friend told me I should go on stage at an amateur night at Pips Comedy Club in Brooklyn, which was the boot camp of comedy.....the rest is history.

Some of Vic’s historical moments include when he was the $10,000 winner on ABC’s “America’s Funniest People,” and  when he was on “VH1’s Standup Spotlight.” He's a regular headliner at top casinos including: “The Borgata," “The Riviera Hotel” in Las Vegas. Dibitetto is also on a show called “Comedy You Can’t Refuse” with Sopranos Michael Imperoili, Steve Shirripa, and Vince Curatola. He has opened for several top comedians including the legendary Pat Cooper, and has warmed up audiences on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and "The Ricki Lake Show."

I can personally say that Vic Dibitetto is one of the funnies comedians I have ever worked with or enjoyed watching. His website describes him as “a powerful performer who churns energy, honesty and humanity into non stop laughter.”

DiBitetto called into NJ101.5 to talk about all his YouTube clips and his comedy with Steve and Ray Rossi.  You can listen to the entire interview below.

Make sure you check out Dibitetto's YouTube Channel if you haven't already.

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