When Bruce Wayne finishes his day, he fights crime at night. When Assembly Minority leader Jon Bramnick finishes his day fighting for the people of New Jersey, he becomes "New Jersey's Funniest Lawyer" and he's actually funny!

Bramnick, a candidate for New Jersey State Senate in the 21st District, check out his ad here, .will be performing standup comedy with Mike Marino and myself this Saturday at the Brook Art Theatre in Bound Brook.

Having worked with Bramnick at clubs and events across New Jersey including the Artie Lange show at the Stress Factory, I can honestly say, he's very funny. So how did all this get started? I asked Bramnick through text"


"My wife enter me 30 years ago in the Funniest Lawyer in NY contest for my birthday. I came in second. A few years later I won the Funniest Lawyer in NJ. I began to do live comedy auctions for charities and continue to do auctions for many charities today."

Bramnick has even gone so far as to invite both comedians and politians out to his house to exchange ideas and just hang out



How would you compare comedy to politics?

"Comedy and politics require the audience to listen to you and “like” you. In both forums, you must be clear and make yourself understood."

Which is harder to please? The comedy audience or the people of New Jersey?

"Comedy is much harder because one misstep and you can lose your audience and your joke fails. Politics allows you to misspeak and apologize to the listeners. An audience in a comedy club expects perfection. No one expects perfection from politicians and normally we don’t deliver perfection (obviously).


How can we benefit from comedy today?

"In today’s world, people need humor more than ever and many presidents used humor during speeches to make win over the public. Humility is important in both professions"


To get tickets for Mike Marino, Jon Bramnick and myself, click here.

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