Few comedians are known only by their first name, and I'm opening for one this weekend. Gilbert Gottfried is going to be at Joey Harrison's River House this Saturday night.

Gilbert called in with one of the funniest interviews I've ever done. It was all Gilbert. We talked about the best thing that ever happened to him in New Jersey and he said, "Leaving New Jersey!" We also talked about his friendship with President Donald Trump and he said, "I'm friends with all presidents!"

If singers can get a round of applause when they start a song, then Gilbert should get one when he starts "The Aristocrats" joke. Gilbert's comedy lives on the edge, so does he ever regret telling a joke.

"I never lost any money for telling a joke," Gottfried said.

What was the funniest line he has ever heard in a movie?

"Maybe it had to do with one of the girls dying in Fried Green Tomatoes," Gottfried said.

Thankfully, Gilbert's comedy with never die. But, he'll always kill on stage!

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