Working nights at New Jersey 101.5 you don't get to see your co-workers that much. Usually when I come in the building around 6;30 they're pretty much gone. Those that are there get nervous when they see me as in "Is it that late? I've gotta get out of here. One guy I never get to see is Dennis Malloy.


Now Dennis and I have a lot in common. We're both Italian and get what our heritage means to us. We both worked morning radio in Philadelphia so we both have a lot of the same people in our past and I love hanging out with him but unfortunately, because of our work schedules, we rarely get the chance, Although I do listen either when he and Judi are on in the morning or on my way home with the rewind.

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This week we finally got to hang out. I went to his house and he surprised me with dinner. That man can cook! Zucchini spaghetti with chicken, tomatoes which were e grown in his yard with homemade pesto and grilled eggplant fritters. It was delicious!

We just hung out and shot the breeze until I had to leave for work. What's great when you have two guys who've been around as much as we have, it wasn't so much about work as it was about life, our families, friends, some politics, and of course work, but not that much.


When you do what we do for a living, there are very few people who can relate. When it comes to radio, Dennis is one of the best. He doesn't sugarcoat or apologize for his opinions. Many times when I started working at New Jersey 101.5, I'd worry if I went too far on a topic, only to hear Dennis and Judi do it on the rewind and realize that I didn't go far enough.

It's great hanging with Dennis. With the way things are in this crazy world that we live in We say we've got to do it more often, hopefully, we will.

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Dennis Malloy’s homemade pesto!