Many people may not have realized that Friday, July 7 marks the one-year anniversary of the assassination of five brave police officers from the Dallas, Texas Police Department.

Given the latest murder of a brave uniform wearing law enforcement officer, Miosotis Familia this week, I thought #BlueFriday should take a different tone today. I was joined by Sgt. Demetrick Pennie who has been outspoken and taken legal action against groups that he believes are inciting further violence against police.

He's got a strong point about free speech and social media. Free speech simply doesn't protect language that incites violence. As a black American who grew up in the inner city, Sgt. Pennie has a unique perspective and is very credible in his opposition to groups like Black Lives Matter, which he compared to the Black Panthers. He gave strong testimony about the need for action on social media to protect law enforcement and civilians. He also recapped a compelling story of the initial call he received about two officers being shot...and "27" — that's the code for a deceased officer.

I got chills as he discussed the story of what happened one year ago today. God bless Sgt. Demetrick Pennie, the members and families of the fallen Dallas officers and all law enforcement officers across the nations. Remember, there's a thin line between civilization and savagery...that line is blue.

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