Danny is already over the Mets for this season, so is it too early to start talking fantasy football? Chris and Dan debate whether there is any reason to start talking about fantasy football in July, or if with all the technology out nowadays, if this is the new norm? Chris admits that he's not only started looking at football stats, he's invested in fantasy baseball AND football right now.

The new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons has revealed some of their new prices for concessions and it's pretty affordable. It's refreshing to see at least one team try to make concessions price-friendly for families. Will this be a new trend for other teams and arenas?

The guys create their 'Core Fore," of New Jersey's best athletes. Which NJ-born athlete is the best in their sport? The guys makes their choices and you can help them vote on their differences!

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Also check out Forever 39, Annette and Megan's new podcast about turning 40 — and loving life along the way. This week, they discuss work husbands and work wives.

Also, on the Jim Gearhart Podcast, Jim discusses when Gov. Christie and other governors jumped the shark.

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