If you look at a list of what's open and what's not for Columbus Day, it seems rather indecisive. A state and federal holiday, Columbus Day has no mail being delivered and state offices and courts are closed along with all Motor Vehicle Commission locations. Banks however may close or may remain open at their will. TD Bank for example remains open. The New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq remain open.

Then there's the issue of public schools.

I seem to remember as a kid always being off on Columbus Day. Now it depends on the district. Some close, others open. Clark is closed for Columbus Day, as is Asbury Park, Newark and many others. Hillsborough, Flemington-Raritan, Somerville and plenty of others remain open.

So really, are we moving away form Columbus Day being a holiday? It must be particularly difficult for schools to close in honor of Christopher Columbus when modern curriculum teaches he was a villain. Children are taught about his being a savage brute and a slave owner. How do you then turn around and give kids a three day weekend in honor of him? Using words like terror and genocide, activists last year demanded the removal of a Christopher Columbus statue in Long Branch, yet schools there are closed on Columbus Day.

Working, not working, school, no school? NJ has a rather schizophrenic take on Columbus Day. Tell you what, let's make a deal. We'll give back Columbus Day in exchange for making the day after Super Bowl a holiday every year.

Take our poll below and let us know if you think it should remain a holiday.

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