This year, like most, I'll be working on Christmas Day. I don't mind at all. For me, it's a blessing to be gainfully employed and now that my kids are older, Christmas is different than in the days when Santa was visiting.

That said, I remember when I was first married and working in Washington DC. Working on a Presidential campaign in the mid 1990's, I had a team of people reporting to me and I went to the boss to ask about Christmas bonuses. That was a non-starter. She looked at me like I was asking for a million dollars and said "their job is their bonus."

Truth is she was right, it's a blessing to be employed and have the ability to provide for yourself and your family. Of course the other benefit of working the holiday is there is almost no traffic!

So even though it seems many companies are not giving out a bonus for the holiday, enjoy the fact that you've got a job and help me fight back against Trenton bureaucrats so you can keep more of that money you're working so hard to make!

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