South Brunswick Police are warning about a mailbox "fishing" incident.

Someone, police say, used sticky bug traps to fish mail from the box located outside the Dayton and Kendall Park Post Offices Monday night or Tuesday morning.

Officers were tipped to the crime after a resident found mail in the street and called police. Investigators traced the mail back to two residents who had placed thier letters into the mailbox.

Inside both boxes, police found the sticky paper and remnants of a bug trap.

If you put any mail into those boxes, police are urging you to monitor your financial activity.

Criminals could glean personal information from bills, checks, or any other correspondence.

This could be particularly concerning if tax returns were placed in those mailboxes, as they contain everything someone would need to steal your identity.

The U.S. Postal Inspector is also investigating.

It is unclear if other mailboxes in the areas were hit. If you have any information, please contact the Post Officer or South Brunswick police.

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