We welcomed our #Wedding2018 segment sponsors, House of Cupcakes in studio today. They did not disappoint. The cupcakes were creative, delicious and plentiful.

Producer Kristen and Jessica Nutt were in studio discussing their own wedding plans and taking advice from callers. Jessica's wedding is only about 8 weeks away and she's still working on getting her invitations out. Of course, my advice was to simply use Evite. That didn't go over so well with the ladies in studio and most of the callers. Although there were a few guys who called in to support my position, it was clearly not going to be a part of Jessica or Kristen's plan.

We had a surprising number of people recommending Costco for wedding supplies, everything from flowers to food. Jessica added that if they have an aisle, may as well have the whole wedding there!

Then there is the issue of the wedding hashtag. Apparently this is a thing. WE had no shortage of suggestions from callers and social media users. Since Jessica's wedding is around the corner we thought we'd ask your help as she decides on the right hashtag for the big day. Please vote and make your voice heard!

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