Vince August was a municipal court judge in South Hackensack until the state Supreme court ruled he could no longer do that job if he continued to perform standup comedy.

So now, he tours the country with Trevor Noah, warms up the crowd on "The Daily Show," and will be performing this weekend at Catch A Rising Star in the Princeton Hyatt Regency.

Vince August, Vince August
Vince August- Sean Gallagher, Vince August

When Gov. Murphy announced at his press conference Monday saying he will throw more money at mental health and addiction and blamed the pandemic for the rise in car thefts, I had to get August's take. It was well worth it.

"So here's what Murphy's gonna do; he's actually going to give a free electric car to anyone who's ever been arrested for thievery, this way, we go greener. And we're giving our cars to car thieves this way they'll never have to steal cars"

As for the mental health aspect, August says:

"Where is the philosophy when you sat down and said, 'You know what's a good way to stop car thievery? If we gave these people mental health (funding) because, I think, everyone that is stealing a car; they're just frustrated that they were locked up in their house until about a year ago. And now it's hitting them, hitting them now. I'm finally out, but I can't drive anywhere I need to (steal a car)."

Vince August, Vince August
Vince August, Vince August

August also touched on New Jersey's gun laws:

"They want to pass a law where you can keep your gun- unloaded under the floorboards, sealed with a rug, a chair over that, the bullets next door at your neighbor's house, and the key for the key locks on the trigger at another neighbor's, neighbor's."

August may not be a judge anymore, but he still practices law.

"It's everybody's fault but the criminal's fault. And listen, I'm a criminal defense attorney. And at the same time I say, what are we doing? What are we doing?"


Vince August, Vince August
Vince August- Daily Show, Vince August

So if August were still a judge and a defendant used "the pandemic made me do it" as a defense, what would his reaction be?

"I tell him to bring in the medical expert that's gonna come in and testify and tell me that this person is so affected from having been locked down a year and a half ago, basically, that now it's just dawning on him. You know what? I've been holding it in for so long, and now I can't take it anymore. I need a car."

August on the tour he just completed with Trevor Noah:

"The tour actually just ended. He taped his special in Toronto, and I know, a lot of your listeners, especially right now; let me tell you, put your politics aside for a second. I mean I know everything is politics, but it's really not easy. He treated me probably better than anybody has in his business"

Trevor Noah- Rich Fury, Getty Images
Trevor Noah- Rich Fury, Getty Images

To see Vince August at Catch A Rising Star click here.

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