This week, our #BlueFriday honoree comes from a long-time listener. Todd Mizenko wrote us to nominate New Jersey State Trooper Anthony Pompei, who was among several first-responders who saved his wife Kristin's life.

Kristin was out for a run on a July morning in Hamilton, New Jersey when she went into cardiac arrest and collapsed. A witness saw her fall and dialed 9-1-1. According to Todd, as the witness called, Trooper Anthony Pompei, who lives near the Mizenkos, was driving home after his shift and stopped to help. Soon after he arrived on scene, he was joined by a nurse who lived across the street and members of the Hamilton PD and Capital Health EMTS.

The quick thinking of the Trooper and the actions of all the first responders helped save Kristin. Todd was thankful to all of the heroes that made his future with his bellowed wife possible. You can read his letter here:

Hi Mr Spadea,

I have been a fan of your show since you took over for Jim Gerhardt. I never thought I would have the opportunity to nominate anyone for #bluefriday but then sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Back on July 16, 2018 my wife Kristin was out jogging by herself on South Broad Street in Hamilton and went into cardiac arrest. Amazingly her collapse was witnessed by someone who immediately called 911. At the same time NJ State Trooper Anthony Pompei, who lives right around the corner from us and we hadn't formally met at the time, happened to be driving home after his shift and stopped to help. Less than three minutes after that a nurse who lives across the street from where this happened came out to assist, followed by EMTs, Hamilton Township police officers and the local fire company. As such I would like to nominate Trooper Pompei and all of these first responders for #bluefriday. Without all of them my wife would most likely not be alive today.


NJ State Trooper Anthony Pompei
RWJUH Hamilton Nursing Supervisor Chris Andrulis
Capital Health EMTs
Hamilton PD Supervisor Sergeant Joe Zaburski
Hamilton PD Patrolman Sam Young
Hamilton Township Groveville Fire Company


Also, it might be beyond the scope of #bluefriday but I also like to give a huge thanks to the entire ICU staff at RWJUH Hamilton and the doctors that attend there. They were among the most professional, knowledgable and compassionate medical staff as I have ever seen.


As for my wife, she is back to work full-time as well as back to jogging, all thanks to these wonderful first responders!


Thank you for listening!



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