Before the advent of satellite tracking and GPS technology, we all used to own something called a road map.  You may be asking yourself this question, "what is a road map?"

(Dan Tantillo/Townsquare Media)
(Dan Tantillo/Townsquare Media)

Well aside from being something your grandparents own, National Read A Road Map Day pays tribute to a simpler time. A time when getting lost was more of an adventure. Using a map was the key to plotting your course and finding your way. The first road map was drawn by cartographer John Ogilby in 1675. Fast forward a few centuries, and my how things have changed!

With satellites, GPS and voice commands, do we really know how we get anywhere anymore?  In honor of your old Rand-McNally, we have put together a simple true or false New Jersey Roadway and Geography quiz.

How well do you know New Jersey roads? Take our New Jersey Roadway and Geography Quiz, and in respect for the holiday, no using your GPS!