Jackon's Holbrook team is heading to the Little League World Series on Thursday in Williamsport, PA. The whole town (and a lot of the state) is buzzing with excitement. Jackson mayor Michael Reina doesn't want to get too far ahead of himself though.

"Everyone is excited but we're trying not to get too crazy," he told NJ.com. "Three years in a row they're District 18 champions, the same kids. I don't think it's ever been done before, to win three championships with the same kids who've been playing together most of their lives. To get to the World Series, it's something that's never been done. They're being called the Boys of Summer. The electricity is so, so heavy."

He said the town is working to make sure all the families can get there to Williamsport. They are trying to raise funds and secure transportation. A fundraiser has been setup through gofundme.com. Anything you could spare would be appreciated by the team. The more support they have on hand in Williamsport the better they'll be. See the GoFundMe page here.

Could this be a repeat of 1998 when the Toms River team won it all? Todd Frazier and the boys took home the trophy that year. Let's hope we have a new generation of champs. But no matter what happens, these young men should be extremely proud of all they've accomplished.

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