Do you ever stop to think about how teachers in public schools in New Jersey have the ability to teach our kids whatever they want and influence them in any way they choose? Let’s face it - kids, in many cases, spend more time with teachers than they do with us! Thus, you can’t underestimate the influence a teacher has on your kid. That comes with a heavy responsibility. That’s because a teacher needs to be careful never to encroach upon a parents responsibility to teach their kids values. Values, morals, emotions, spirituality, politics... these are things that are best left out of the classroom.

First, a New Jersey law that requires children to be taught the accomplishments of the LGBTQ community and now, a proposal for new curricula about relationships and how to spot an abusive one. “Abuse”, especially as it pertains to love relationships or parental discipline, is a highly relative and subjective term.

Just like one child’s spank is another one’s beating, one girl shouting curses at her boyfriend may seem pretty benign depending on what she’s used to and the context within. Can you always consider that abuse? And who decides? Tuesday, a Roxbury teacher was found to have anti-Trump materials posted on the classroom wall, where learning materials belong. Are they teaching our kids to vote a certain way? And is that fair?

I want to be able to teach my kids what I believe. OUR family’s narrative: who we love (and yes, who we don’t love!) what appropriate boundaries are for life and relationships. There is so little personal freedom left. Please leave family values to me. Teaching them is my job and, try as they may, I defy any government entity to take that away from me.

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