Whether or not you are a fan of the legalization of marijuana either recreationally or medicinally, you can’t deny the fact that Cannabis is going to be a “growing” industry in NJ (see what I did there?)

Because of the imminence of new cannabis laws and businesses, it would behoove future entrepreneurs to learn the ins and outs of cannabis relates industries. In light of this, Stockton university is now offering a cannabis curriculum with cannabis studies available as a minor area of study. Even if you don’t choose to minor in cannabis studies, at Stockton you can simply take classes to be become more educated in the business of marijuana. Study topics include such issues as the legal, social justice, health, financial and economic implications of legalized weed.

For instance, in preparation for a job in the medical marijuana field, you can take a course called “introduction to medical marijuana.” In fact, a course called “Cannabis law”, offered this fall, is already fully enrolled with 30 students. I don’t know how I would feel if my kid came home and said “hey mom I’m majoring in weed” (or even minoring in it, in this case) but I think it’s time for us to keep open minds. Because if this is going to be a major industry in New Jersey, you’ll want your kid to be educated enough to at least have the chance to be a player.

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