The weather is getting warmer. My mind goes back to heading down the Jersey shore or just cruising the local streets with my best friend. Teenagers don't do this much anymore. There was a time when getting your license was among the biggest moments of your life and then you and your car were inseparable. Even if you didn't have the car you wanted, a beater car or your mom's borrowed car still made for great times.

I saw this story on a guy from Lindenhurst, NY. Eight years ago, when he was 16, he saw a blue 1971 Volkswagen van. For Kyle Crospey it was love at first sight. He was so taken with the vehicle he slipped a note through its window saying how much he admired the van and that it was his "future car." He signed it.

Eights years later he got a call from Oakland, CA. It was from a man who's father just passed away at age 82. That 82 year old had purchased that van brand new back in 1971 and with his passing his son was figuring out what to do with his things. The old man kept that note in the van for the past eight years and his son found it. He hunted down Kyle and contacted him. He said he could have that very van under two stipulations. One, restore it. Two, use it for "plenty of adventures." Crospey calls it fate.

So what's your dream car? Forget price. Forget impracticality. In a perfect world, what would you like as your ride for all your adventures in life? Mine is not very expensive. If you ever saw the movie U-Turn with Sean Penn as a down on his luck guy running from the mob who gets stranded in a small Arizona town, then you know his car was sweet. A 1964 1/2 Mustang convertible, red body, white interior. It's rare. It was a model that literally came out in mid-year in the month of April. Only so many still exist. There was just something about the character of that car that always drew me in.

So what's your dream car? Here are a few listeners' choices to get your imagination started.

Frank called in a Javelin AMX. You want an idea of the power? Check this out.

James' dream car is a 1963 Studebaker Avanti. Here's a look at one.

Steve called in an unlikely dream car. A Volvo XC70. Yes, it's a station wagon. But it will get you through a Jersey winter. Check it out.

Todd's wish is a 1969 Plymouth Roadster. It looks like this.

Dennis would love a 1970 GTO just like in the movie xXx. Here's one in action.

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