We see so many incidents today where situations escalate and result in violence where a calmer, cooler head could have solved the problem before it got out-of-control.

One man who is literally an expert in de-escalating difficult situations is Camden County Police Sergeant Christopher Sarlo. His training and ability to calm a situation down saved a man's life the other day on a bridge in Fairview.

NJPen.com said that Sgt. Sarlo said he came upon the man standing on the bridge with a rope around his neck. Sgt. Sarlo used his training and genuine concern for the people he protects and serves and talked the man down.

And this is not the first time he's done this.A few months ago he talked another man down from taking his own life.

Sgt. Sarlo is a hero for sure. He's doing the job he loves and he's directly involved in saving lives. Thanks to him, another father will return home to his kids. Proud to honor Camden County police Sgt. Christopher Sarlo.

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