Dyson products have been taking the world by storm the past few years. And judging by the conversations I’ve had with people on the air, New Jerseyans are hooked. With their innovative and sleek look, many people have been tempted to buy them and try them out. Unlike many companies, the looks of these products are not deceiving.

Dyson has a wide range of products from beauty to household and they are all unbelievable. Two of my favorites are the vacuum cleaner and the hairdryer which have both made my daily chores unbelievably easier. If you’ve never used the Dyson hairdryer, you should start now. I had a glitch with my blow dryer and with my Dyson vacuum and lo and behold, there are apparently so many people in New Jersey who use Dyson products there’s a dedicated service center here to fix them. It’s in Paramus and that may be far for you but if you spent the money for the Dyson in the first place it’s definitely worth the drive.

As someone with impossible hair, the Dyson hair dryer has made the process of blowing out my hair faster and safer. Rather than releasing dangerous heat, the Dyson uses high pressure air to safely dry your hair as well as maintain the soft look you are going for. The blow dryer comes with a number of magnetic attachments as well, one specific to curlier hair. My daughter has curly hair and tried the device and has tried stealing it from me several times.

In terms of the vacuum, it has also worked wonders in my household. The vacuum can be attached to your wall to charge and is easy to move around. My favorite part about this vacuum is how it bends. The nozzle can bend almost 180 degrees and reaches the tough areas other bulky vacuums cannot. It is the only vacuum that I trust my kids to use, which has also made the dinner cleanup process easier for me. My kids are eager to use the cool new vacuum, and ultimately I end up cleaning up less. Truly a win win for all. When the vacuum was losing suction, I wouldn’t trust it to anyone but an authorized Dyson repair place (if you know, you know).

Here’s the info
Dyson Service Center 556 Route 17
North Suite 8

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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